What Is Adfly? 

How AdFly Works:

People pay to advertise with adf.ly, and people who shrink their links with adf.ly get a cut of the profit every time someone clicks an adf.ly shortened link. Important Adfly pays when you reach the minimum limit of $ 5 and paid each month on the 5th of course if you reached the minimum payout limit. 

 How to open an account:

1. Firstly, you need to go to adf.ly to register for an account by clicking “Join Now”.


2. Fill up the application form. For the column “Account Type”, choose “Link Shrinker: Create shortened URLs and earn money”.


3. Then adf.ly will send an email to you to activate your account. You must do it within 3 days.


4. In your email you it will enclosed an activation key. It is just a combination list of numbers and letters.


5. Once you click on link to your confirmation webpage, it will open a blue color page with title “Account Confirmation” with an empty box for you to fill in the activation key as mentioned above.


6. Copy the activation key and click “submit” button.


7. Then immediately your adf.ly is successfully confirmed. Click on “click here” to log in to your newly signed up account.


 8. Now log in and update your account details.  Now you post them or send them to people as you usually would with any shortened link. adf.ly will show an ad just before the shortened link loads.

You can find out more about details about the publisher rates from here.


Once you have earned $5.00 USD, it will be  automatically bank into your account on the first Monday of each month. adf.ly will pay you through either PayPal or AlertPay. Payza payment Process is in pending maybe they going to satrt it soon too.

Click here to check the adfly eCPM in your country

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Good Luck


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