Thursday, September 11, 2014

How I earned $800 in a month with Adfly

Last month I earned $800 Adfly

my proof:---->

This is my method in 4 points:

1.Create an Twitter account
2.Increase followers
3.Create an automatic feed with twitterfeed or or other software.
4.Repeat point 1

Twitter blocks tweet with Adfly links. I publish links to my site. My site just redirects to adfly after 0 seconds.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Way to get clicks with social media

Post on your social media (adfly)links to your video(*).
*Make a tutorial about how to make something, you decide what.
Then , post the software used IN the video and shrink the url where you got the post from!

Friday, July 4, 2014

This method works 100% with Adfly!!!

I’m glad I got your attention with the headline. It sounds pretty good, huh?
This method will boost your views at least 100% regardless if you are an publisher, advertiser or blog writer.

I got the idea from an e-book about inbound marketing - this technique is used on a subconscious level by everyone with more or less success.
The secret lies in the TITLE of you link or article. Have you ever noticed that certain topics on the forum have more views than other, even though they were published in the same day/week? Some of these topics have a high view count with no valuable content, but they have a KILLER SUBJECT LINE

Some of the headlines of these topics are questions, so the readers click on it just to see if it’s answered. These titles usually start with “how” “what” “why” “where” – curiosity killed the cat :lol: . (Ex. "Looking for good links" topic in the "Gaining Traffic Methods" section: 5000+ views - most readers will imagine a question mark at the end or continue the subject line "... and I found this" -but guess what? There is no value in the content at all.)

Another way to create an attractive headline is to specify an exact number: “10 ways to generate more clicks”, “How I made $127.97 with this method?”, “Adfly Secrets: 7 forums you can post your link and get more traffic/clicks to your website”.

I hope you got the idea, and to help you with more inspiring titles for you links, I made this little script which will generate 200+ titles that you can use on your Facebook/Classifieds postings: 
Here is The Best Tool to Create Killer Headlines for Your Adfly Links

The script is not finalized yet: I’m planning on breaking 500 headlines and add the functionality to generate the <a> HTML tag, based on the users input (your Link).

Other KILLER Headlines I could’ve chosen for the SUBJECT LINE of this topic (script inspired):
- Double your Adfly income
- The Best way to Boost you Adfly earnings
- How to make more money with Adfly?
- Adfly Question answered: How to get more traffic?
- The Best Way to Power Up Your Adfly Links
- Answered: Your Most Burning Question About Adfly Traffic
- Avoid the Biggest Adfly Mistake
- Boost your Adfly Earnings Instantly
- Can You Really Double Your Adfly Income?
- Discover How You Can Double Your Adfly Earnings
- Discover The Adfly Secret
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- Easy Way To Adfly Traffic – Anyone Can DO IT
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- If You Had the Opportunity To Double Your Adfly Traffic, Would You Do This?
- Learn Exactly How To Boost Your Adfly Traffic
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- Rule The Adfly World By Writing Killer Titles
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- The Adfly Traffic Everyone Is Talking About
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- The Quickest & Easiest Way To Double Your Adfly Income

Friday, June 6, 2014

Getting More Traffic Through Youtube

This is how to get alot of traffic through youtube!

1. Sign up for a Like4Like account. (Sign up using my referral link please since, I gave you a link free post!
2. Find the newest music from and download it! {There is a button to download it} [MAKE SURE THAT THERE IS NOT ALOT OF VIDEOS UPLOADED TO YOUTUBE OF THE SONG OR YOU WILL GET LESS VIEWS!
3. Open Windows Movie Maker {Any program like this will work} and import the song. ( Download: ... 1=overview )
4. Go to and search for good thumbnails of the person.
5. Import the picture to windows movie maker and save it.
6. Upload it to youtube and make sure to add TAGS!
7. Upload the mp3 of the song to mediafire and shorten it using!
8. Put it in the description using FREE DOWNLOAD -> (ADF.LY LINK)
9. Go to and add the youtube link. {Make sure to add it to Youtube Likes} Screenshot ->
10. Earn points by liking other people's videos and you will get points and people will like the video. Higher ratings makes it higher up in the youtube search.
11. People will like the song and they will download it with your link in the description!

Hope this helps! Make sure to use my referral link because I didn't use any links :P 
Thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

[FREE] New facebook viral app

Moderator - This is a 3rd party plugin. We can not offer support or answer questions related to this plugin. All questions should go to the original creator. Use at your own risk.

Hi everyone,

Me and my coworker/friend have recently developed a highly viral facebook application with which you can easy get thousands of fans on your fan pages...

The app is very simple and highly effective!

The app works like this:

1. You find a picture/video
2. upload the picture/video over the facebook app
3. you get a normal and a viral picture/video link
4. you copy the viral picture/video link and share it on your facebook fan page

When someone clicks on the picture/video link if he is already a fan of your facebook fan page he gets immediately to the picture/video and the picture/video will be also shared on his facebook wall, if he is not a fan of your fan page then he will first be redirected to your fan page where the picture/video will be blurred and he has first to like your page to get to the content (the link will again be shared on his wall)...

This app has no problems with facebook, i am using it for some time now and never had any problems.

If you are smart enough to find a good picture/video and combine it with a good name it gets viral in no time, and the facebook page likes are just increasing :)

This app is absolutely FREE to USE, i don't charge anything nor is there anything hidden, the only thing why it is free is that i get 10% of the viral facebook fan page likes which you get, the other 90% are going straight to your fan page :)

Here are some screenshots of the app :

How to install the app :

How to use application:

1: First you need to go to this link ( to install the application on your fan page as a "custom tab"
2: After installation the page tab is added and you just go to it and then you will see the admin panel
3.1: In admin panel you can choose an image and upload the image with the title/name
3.2: In admin panel you can choose youtube video, insert the youtube URL, title, and Description(Description will be posted as users text)
4: You click confirm and get the viral link
5: Share that link on your facebook pages
6: Profit?!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Best Way To Get More Traff in Your Links

providing links of paid android apps you can earn a lot... :o

Now just convert these links with ADFLY.
Paste converted links on your BLOG, YOU-TUBE or on social network if you have significant audience..
Best is to create a BLOG or YouTube account because these will be shown in GOOGLE RESULT if someone search for that app.

For better and effective result post TOP APPS on GOOGLE PLAY

Enjoy with ADFLY
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how to make money online with link shortener?

Here i am going to describe how to make money online without investment with link shortening service and the different tricks, strategy to multiply earning with spreading its link. is a link shortening service. It will make a normal link into paid link. Everyday we are coming across many links in internet.  In social network we found many links which is shared by our friends it may be link of funny pictures, songs, video of a recently released movie trailer  so many links. Now we can grasp those links and directly go head to link shortening service and turned it into  paid link by shrinking those links with  As you can see below, this is where you will paste a normal link,  click on shrink then will generate a short link which is the paid  link.  Now again copy that link share it with your friend, share it in social network, put it in your personnel blogsite and follow different strategies to get more hits to your link. When people will click your paid link they will first see an ad for 5 sec before they reached in targeted website by skipping the ad.

now in order to be a user of the link shortening service you need to be a member of
so sign up at below to be a user of . Make sure you select a publisher account.

                           SIGN UP AT ADF.LY

After sign up, you will get a mail to confirm your account. Just visit your e- mail and click that confirmation or verification link. Now you became the member of the Next step is to choose some interesting link like i have described above, the link may be a link of funny picture, songs, mp3, video of a recently released hot movie song, just copy that link url, log in to the website paste this link in shrinking box and will generate a link for you. After that the real work begins. Now pick up that link share it to your friend, in social network, in your blogsite to get maximum hit. If someone click that link you will be paid. will pay you $5, for every  10, 000 hits to your link. That means you will earn $1 if your link will be clicked 2000 times. However payout rate for different country is different.  see below the pay out rates for some of the countries for every 1000  cost per view

Here we can see that the average cost per view for interstitial ads in Australia is high. That means if your link will get more traffic from australia your payout rate will be high.

  Now you have to think how will you get so much traffic to your link. It is not easy to get  1000 of hits  but you need to follow some  strategy in order to  make your link go viral.

One more thing, generally  people  find is the irritation for them. They do not want to wait 5 sec before they reach the destination. so they want to avoid it. In this case you can mask your link with url2it   or url hider. 

just copy your link and paste it into to url2it 

now your is hidden with url2it. people will not come to know where that url leads. There are two reasons behind hide your link

1- To make people click your link
2- social network like facebook, stumble upon, my space , and yahoo answer has banned the link. so in order to spread your link in these social networks you have to mask it with url2it or hider.


Share your link into social network like

                                            4-stumble upon
                                            5- yahoo answer


                 You already know that facebook has banned the link. so now you need to be smart. hide your adfly url through url2it and post it in your  timeline, group, fan page. Socialize yourself .  whenever you are commenting in facebook with other friends put a link in comment, share funny pictures shrinked with but mind about  spam. put related things in their discussion.

 make as many as friend possible. if you do not have more friends, then today send more friend request. In a single account you can create 5000 friends. create more than one account. so that you will get more friends to share your link.

if you do not have facebook fan page, then create your own page today. collect as many as like possible. post your link in your fan page. similarly like others fan page, share your link related to their niche.

join in many groups, comment others posting, like their posting
 at the same time you can share your link

TWITTER STRATEGY link has not been banned in twitter. You can directly tweet your link in twitter. If you connect your tweeter account  with facebook account then your tweet also automatically appear in your face book timeline.

If you don't have a tweeter account then create more than one account in twitter.   Follow more people related to your niche. Suppose you want to share hit songs, then follow the people those who have same interest. just in twitter search bar write music it will show many profiles regarding music. then follow them. for mass following you need a free account in tweepi tool bar. at a single click you can follow 20 people. Like that, you can follow more than 10,000 people not in a single day but within months wait for the people to follow you. In the mean time, you can check  your tweepi account. see the people who do not follow you. again unfollow them. Like that you can collect many followers. Now here is the point, what kind of link you have share to get maximum hit.

                        Choose some  kind of hit songs,  viral video link or the breaking news of a movie star, then shrinked it with then post it in twitter  with some catchy description.  if you want to hide your link then hide it through url2it because people easily want to avoid a link with adf.

Apart from your niche you can share other links with some catchy description. Don't twitt the link without writing anything because people do not know what the link about. So they can easily avoid it. Cause people to be tempted to click your link with your words.


                   You can share your link in orkut. create an  account in orkut. Join in orkut community. there are 100 of communities in orkut with thousands of members. Join in many communities in different niches. Be active in community forum discussion. like others discussion. socialize yourself. people have many questions. Solve their questions with your link masked with url2it. Even you can create your own community and share your own stuff with an link.


Stumble upon social network has banned the link. So u can hide your link with hider or url2it. Stumble upon is a place where you can share your website, videos, photos. So choose some popular website with different niches, photos, videos to share.


                     Yahoo answer has banned the link. As you know Yahoo answer is the full of questions with different categories. many times people are looking for the website to download a particular mp3 songs, videos. you can answer them with your link masked with url2it.

Otherwise download some of the popular mp3 songs, youtube songs by using firefox extension you tube video downloader. again uplaod them in file sharing site like share cash, mediafire,

Then create a blog today for the purpose of link. Put all your sharecash, mediafire link. and also other music links, video links in your blog post and go to adfly website copy its full page script code.Again comeback to your blogsite dashboard. Click on layout .  Next click on add a gadget.And  Add html/java script , in content Paste the full page script and then save it. It will turn all  link of your blogsite into paid link.

 while you are answering  in yahoo question you can put your blogsite url in yahoo answer  resource box. If people will download music or videos using your sharecash or mediafire link then you will earn money from sharecash  and also from But in sharecash before they are going to download anything they need to complete a survey. Otherwise you can use madiafire for uploading your mp3 or video song but make sure that you put all your madiafire link in your blog post.


You tube is another method to bring viral traffic to link. people love to see recent released hit songs, movie trailer or popular TV program. Now you can follow a simple method to earn money from you tube.

                Step1- open an account in youtube
                Step 2- find out some recently released hit songs, songs of famous artist, or videos of ganganam  dance through google search. Then come to you tube. search these videos in youtube.
see their popularity, how they are getting hits. if these  Videos are getting million and million hits then you have to copy them. just download 2 or 3 videos first . If you are using firefox browser then install add-ons youtube video downloader  or you can download youtube video  through after downloading 2 or 3 videos just save it in your computer

              step 3-
                              i- Again  upload these 2 or 3 videos in you tube with title similar to original title not same but you need to make bit difference . leave them for few days. After 3 or 4 days just log in to your youtube account see which videos are getting more hits. suppose you have uploaded a ganganam dance which is getting more hits. Then find out the some more ganganam videos of the same artist upload them in mediafire or uploading. com (file sharing sites).  Then copy the mediafire link and shrink it in Put your link in description telling them that they can download these songs or similar songs by clicking this link

                           ii- Otherwise simply find out the other youtube videos of the same artist and shrink it in . Leave that link in description directing  them to see similar videos.

                           iii- Create your own blog insert similar videos in your own blog put all your mediafire link shrinked with . Now  come to your youtube videos. In description put your blog url shrinked with directing them to see other videos by clicking the link

                         Now continue this process and upload many videos in youtube. If your videos go viral then your earning will be more.

Now sign up at and make money online without investment.

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