Tuesday, May 6, 2014

[FREE] New facebook viral app

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Hi everyone,

Me and my coworker/friend have recently developed a highly viral facebook application with which you can easy get thousands of fans on your fan pages...

The app is very simple and highly effective!

The app works like this:

1. You find a picture/video
2. upload the picture/video over the facebook app
3. you get a normal and a viral picture/video link
4. you copy the viral picture/video link and share it on your facebook fan page

When someone clicks on the picture/video link if he is already a fan of your facebook fan page he gets immediately to the picture/video and the picture/video will be also shared on his facebook wall, if he is not a fan of your fan page then he will first be redirected to your fan page where the picture/video will be blurred and he has first to like your page to get to the content (the link will again be shared on his wall)...

This app has no problems with facebook, i am using it for some time now and never had any problems.

If you are smart enough to find a good picture/video and combine it with a good name it gets viral in no time, and the facebook page likes are just increasing :)

This app is absolutely FREE to USE, i don't charge anything nor is there anything hidden, the only thing why it is free is that i get 10% of the viral facebook fan page likes which you get, the other 90% are going straight to your fan page :)

Here are some screenshots of the app :


How to install the app :

How to use application:

1: First you need to go to this link (http://apps.facebook.com/look_here_now/) to install the application on your fan page as a "custom tab"
2: After installation the page tab is added and you just go to it and then you will see the admin panel
3.1: In admin panel you can choose an image and upload the image with the title/name
3.2: In admin panel you can choose youtube video, insert the youtube URL, title, and Description(Description will be posted as users text)
4: You click confirm and get the viral link
5: Share that link on your facebook pages
6: Profit?!


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