Friday, July 4, 2014

This method works 100% with Adfly!!!

I’m glad I got your attention with the headline. It sounds pretty good, huh?
This method will boost your views at least 100% regardless if you are an publisher, advertiser or blog writer.

I got the idea from an e-book about inbound marketing - this technique is used on a subconscious level by everyone with more or less success.
The secret lies in the TITLE of you link or article. Have you ever noticed that certain topics on the forum have more views than other, even though they were published in the same day/week? Some of these topics have a high view count with no valuable content, but they have a KILLER SUBJECT LINE

Some of the headlines of these topics are questions, so the readers click on it just to see if it’s answered. These titles usually start with “how” “what” “why” “where” – curiosity killed the cat :lol: . (Ex. "Looking for good links" topic in the "Gaining Traffic Methods" section: 5000+ views - most readers will imagine a question mark at the end or continue the subject line "... and I found this" -but guess what? There is no value in the content at all.)

Another way to create an attractive headline is to specify an exact number: “10 ways to generate more clicks”, “How I made $127.97 with this method?”, “Adfly Secrets: 7 forums you can post your link and get more traffic/clicks to your website”.

I hope you got the idea, and to help you with more inspiring titles for you links, I made this little script which will generate 200+ titles that you can use on your Facebook/Classifieds postings: 
Here is The Best Tool to Create Killer Headlines for Your Adfly Links

The script is not finalized yet: I’m planning on breaking 500 headlines and add the functionality to generate the <a> HTML tag, based on the users input (your Link).

Other KILLER Headlines I could’ve chosen for the SUBJECT LINE of this topic (script inspired):
- Double your Adfly income
- The Best way to Boost you Adfly earnings
- How to make more money with Adfly?
- Adfly Question answered: How to get more traffic?
- The Best Way to Power Up Your Adfly Links
- Answered: Your Most Burning Question About Adfly Traffic
- Avoid the Biggest Adfly Mistake
- Boost your Adfly Earnings Instantly
- Can You Really Double Your Adfly Income?
- Discover How You Can Double Your Adfly Earnings
- Discover The Adfly Secret
- Amazing Way to Increase Your Adfly Income
- Amazing Way to Double Your Adfly Income
- Easy Way To Adfly Traffic – Anyone Can DO IT
- Fast-Track Your Adfly Income
- Double Your Adfly Earnings Once And For All
- Here Is A Method That Will Help Your Adfly Traffic
- Here Is A Method That Will Double Your Adfly Traffic
- How I Doubled My Adfly Traffic In One Day
- How To Make More People Click Your Adfly Links
- How You Can Get Your Adfly Links Clicked Almost Instantly
- If You Had the Opportunity To Double Your Adfly Traffic, Would You Do This?
- Learn Exactly How To Boost Your Adfly Traffic
- Learn Exactly How To Double Your Adfly Traffic
- Rule The Adfly World By Writing Killer Titles
- See How Easily You Can Double Your Adfly Income
- The Adfly Traffic Everyone Is Talking About
- An Amazing Method That Will Double Your Adfly Earnings
- The Quickest & Easiest Way To Double Your Adfly Income


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