Friday, June 6, 2014

Getting More Traffic Through Youtube

This is how to get alot of traffic through youtube!

1. Sign up for a Like4Like account. (Sign up using my referral link please since, I gave you a link free post!
2. Find the newest music from and download it! {There is a button to download it} [MAKE SURE THAT THERE IS NOT ALOT OF VIDEOS UPLOADED TO YOUTUBE OF THE SONG OR YOU WILL GET LESS VIEWS!
3. Open Windows Movie Maker {Any program like this will work} and import the song. ( Download: ... 1=overview )
4. Go to and search for good thumbnails of the person.
5. Import the picture to windows movie maker and save it.
6. Upload it to youtube and make sure to add TAGS!
7. Upload the mp3 of the song to mediafire and shorten it using!
8. Put it in the description using FREE DOWNLOAD -> (ADF.LY LINK)
9. Go to and add the youtube link. {Make sure to add it to Youtube Likes} Screenshot ->
10. Earn points by liking other people's videos and you will get points and people will like the video. Higher ratings makes it higher up in the youtube search.
11. People will like the song and they will download it with your link in the description!

Hope this helps! Make sure to use my referral link because I didn't use any links :P 
Thanks for reading!

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