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Each visitor you will purchase from will meet the following criteria:
■ Unique within a 24 hour time frame
■ They will have JavaScript enabled
■ They will have Cookies enabled
■ They will have Flash enabled
■ Must view your website for at least 5 seconds
■ Anonymous proxy filtered against a massive daily updated list

You may receive traffic that does not meet this criteria, but you will never be charged for it.
There is a minimum PayPal or AlertPay deposit of $5.00 and all sites/banners are allowed.

Your order may be subject to VAT if your country of residence is in the European Union (EU).
There is a minimum PayPal or Payza deposit of $5.00 and all sites/banners are allowed, except when they contain:
■ Frame breaking script
■ Popup any windows on entry or exit of any kind
■ Automatically attempt to download software or change any user settings
■ Adult or Pornographic related
■ Hate, Bigotry, and/or Intolerance
■ Warez or Software Piracy related
■ Music Piracy Related
■ Hacking Related
■ Anything related to illegal activity
■ An link, you cannot advertise links on

Please contact us first if you are unsure whether your advertising would be suitable.
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