Thursday, March 28, 2013

Facebook And Adfly Tricks

Facebook is also a Good way to earn few extra bucks or more.

Facebook And Adfly , Now i am goin to tell you how to make money using Facebook.

I am sure you are asking how you can make money with facebook and afly

First you will need to signup on ADFLY

Next you will need to have at least 250-300 friends on your facebook for this to work.!

Now whats next? Follow the instruction

You will look for a video on youtube that people are talking about , like an example i made alot but ALOT of money with a video that "Chris Brown when he hit Rihanna"  i went to adfly , put the youtube video link into adfly and this is important

Please DO NOT post a ADFLY LINK on facebook , they will block it!

You will need to go to some other pages like to short your adfly link AGAIN and post it on your facebook. EXAMPLE:

Chris brown new movie coming up next month check this out its real cool love this
_______________________ < put the link there , remember you need to look for the video , short it on adfly then go to another page where they short url also like and post your adfly link there and then paste it on facebook.

AND Whoop Whoop you will start making your money , please look for GOOD VIDEOS and post something that your friends will like. I am sure you will make the money faster and if your friends are from USA way better!

Start making that money NOW


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