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How To Make Money With And Twitter All Day Every Day

Automate Making Money With Using Twitter.

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Today you will learn how to automate the money making process using twitter and, this works by automatically posting useful and topic related updates to your twitter account while having links automatically shrunk using and posted to your twitter account, earning you some cash in the process.

How AdFly Works:
People pay to advertise with, and people who shrink their links with get a cut of the profit every time someone clicks an shortened link.

When the adfly shortened link is clicked, there will be a 5 second ad shown to the person who clicked the link before they are able to move on to the page they wanted to view.


Create A Twitter Account

Create a Twitter account based on a certain niche, maybe about baseball, or weight loss, whatever you want, I prefer to go with what interest me, like a hobby.

Create A Twitterfeed Account

twitterfeed signup 
Go to and sign up for a free account, I'll discuss this later.

Create An Account's looks have changed for 2013 
Head on over to, and click the "JOIN NOW" button near the top, fill out all the necessary information.
At the bottom of the form, make sure your account type is set to "link shrinker". only pays through PayPal, Liberty Reserve, and Payoneer. So be sure you're signed up with one of the three.

Update: has changed its look and feel (for the better), but the same rules still apply. If you are confused by the new look in coordination with this tutorial, there is a "Happy Little Link" at the top left hand corner of your account page that says: "Problems? Go to the old version."

I suggest clicking that link if you are having trouble following along so everything explained in this tutorial should be easier to accomplish.

Working with RSS Feeds

Rss Feed Symbol
Okay, so now what you want to do is go to Google, and search for any website that posts information and updates about the specific niche that you chose to base your twitter account on.

When you find the site you want, look for something on the page that will link you to that websites RSS feed, If you have trouble finding if they provide feeds or not, you can either go to "FIND" or "SEARCH" located in your browsers toolbar and type RSS in the search box, or enter the web site address in Google and add rss after it.
eg: rss
This will usually bring you to a page where you can select what rss feed you want, some sites offer multiple rss feeds so select the one you feel fits your needs.

Adding Your RSS Feed To TwitterFeed

Go back to, and create a new feed.

Add Feed To Twitterfeed

rss feed url in box
For this step all you have to do is copy the url of the feed you want to use, and paste it in to twitterfeed.

Add whatever you want for the name, and in the "Blog URL or RSS Feed URL" area, copy/paste (add) the url of the rss feed you want to use.

Example Above

Advanced Settings

TF cutom shrinkerOn the same screen click the "Advanced Settings" button and go to "shorten link through", there is a drop down box beside it, open it up and scroll to the bottom and select "Custom", Leave it empty for now and go back to, while logged in to go to the top of the page and click Tools, on the tools page go to "API Documentation" and click.

On this page you will see a link that looks like this

# represents your id and key.

Now take your key and uid and place it in this link (replace the # with your key and uid) Must Be Replaced With %@ In order for this to work.

Also you may have noticed that in the modified link "advert_type=int" has been removed, this is because TwitterFeed has issues showing the interstitial ad (full page ad) and just leads to a dead page when clicked, or shows the ads but doesn't redirect to the desired page, so the only way to fix this is by removing the "advert_type=int" instruction from the link and will automatically use the interstitial link instruction and will work properly with TwitterFeed.

Now when that's done, all you have to do is copy and paste your new link into the twitterfeed Custom endpoint box and "Continue to step 2" on twitterfeed.

"There are more advanced options that will serve you well, but you can play around with that on your own time."


Make sure that you are logged in to the twitter account that you want to use with twitterfeed, you are going to want to activate your twitter account with twitterfeeds oauth so it will automatically post feed/blog updates to your twitter account using the rss feed that you provided to twitterfeed, when that's all done, click done at the bottom, twitter will now get updated feed posts from twitterfeed, and the links in each post will now be automatically shrunk using and posted to your twitter updates, and every time someone clicks your link, you make a bit of cash.

Side Note

Getting Twitter Followers

If you're having trouble getting human followers that will actually click your links, I would suggest getting acquainted with a free Follow/Unfollow tool from TweetAttacks, go to the website here, scroll to the bottom of the page and push the button that says "Get FREE Edition", It will help tremendously and improve the amount of clicks you get every time you post an shortened link.

How To Use Tweet Attacks To Your Advantage (2 Step Tutorial)

Get Twitter Followers Everyday

Twitter FollowSome people have asked me "how can I get lots of REAL followers on Twitter in a short period of time?", so I thought I'd write a little tutorial.

Once you have downloaded and installed the free version of Tweetattacks, all you have to do is

1: Follow 100 to 200 people a day
2: Unfollow 100 to 200 non followers every week

You can use the search option in TA to filter people that might be interested in your tweets,
and since TA is all automated, you can leave your computer to do all the work while you go play outside ;)

I usually set my follow unfollow time delay from 1 to 60 seconds, it keeps things more natural.

Hope that helps

It looks like TweetAttacks is now nonexistent. But the method above still works, and there are many alternatives to getting Twitter followers. Over time I will create a list of Twitter following tools that do the job just as well. Good Luck To You All!

Tools To Help Get Followers On Twitter

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