Friday, June 21, 2013

Blog and Website Tools

robably the most profitable way of using Adfly.  Read on for lessons on the “full page script”, “website entry script” and “links”.  Play around with these different tools and find out what works best for your site and maximises your profits.

Firstly let’s briefly mention what a blog/website is and then we can look at the different tools that AdFly offers.

If you have a subject area that you want to discuss, blogs and websites can be a useful tool.  As a place to offer opinions, share information, share links and become a specialist portal, blogs are very useful.

A decent blog or website takes time to build, manage and get interest in.  But once people are regularly visiting your site they can be a great resource for getting clicks... ever automatically...

Full Page Script
There are a number of tools that AdFly makes available to be used for websites.  One of the main ones is the “full page script”.  This is a tool that allows you to change all of the links on your blog/site in o AdFly links.  

You can personalise the code to have banner or interstitial adverts used, so make sure that you pick the advert type that maximises your profits.

Website Entry Script
My favourite tool is the “website entry script”.  This tool means that any visitor to your site has a limited time to browse and then an advert is displayed.  There is less money earned from this type of advert, but it doesn’t require the visitor to click anywhere, which is a great bonus.

Again, the code can be changed to affect the time length before the advert is displayed.

This is the main tool and the one you use most often.  It is the tool that shrinks links and ads adverts.

Obviously the main reason for having your own blog/website is to share/discuss something.  The trick often used is to display some information on the blog/site and link to the bulk of the information.  This means you can make good use of your AdFly links and one the main benefits of having your own blog/site.


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