Saturday, July 13, 2013

Getting Traffic with Youtube (not music or popular videos)

Hey guys! whats up so basically I have a youtube account with about 2300 subs. I use it to upload my graphics and other things. What i do is make intros, designs, etc. Well one day i found adfly and tried it out! and i love it!. Basically i have 2 proven methods to earning without the other ones found here.

1.) Build-Up

-Build up a youtube or a website with active following, and communication. I mean that you must get involved. You kind of have to have an active traffic outlet otherwise it is impossible. there is no quick fix.
-anyways what I did was make a video entitled "Intro Template" I made a template and gave it away. The adfly link got clicked on about 100 times and this was valuable. So i do this often and can earn alot! Another thing I do is share things with them such as new wwebsites and other things.

2.) Referrals

-I got some friends who were also active in youtube and they did the same method. And look at these results! My referrals are making me more money than I can imagine and I love it! It helps me get extra money and boosts my balance for payday.
-Another helpful thing to do is to offer links that people want. Such as free template, or maybe free assistance. These are a few ways I make money!

3.) My final way is just by tweeting which is overly common. but it gets 10 clicks here and there and doesnt take much time.

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