Saturday, July 13, 2013

Good way to make money

Ok, I've read through some of these threads and I must say I'm not happy. Most people are just posting random ideas just to post their link and its getting very annoying. So I thought I'd share a few methods that work.


As you know, youtube is the number 3 largest site on the internet. Obviously you want to use there. The question is, how do you get a lot of views? Imagine yourself getting 100,000 views on 1 video. If you have interesting content, perhaps 70% of those people will click on your link. Now I don't feel like doing the math but that would be a lot. That from just one video. I'm currently using youtube for most of my clicks. Also keep in mind that getting something like $1000 per month from is completely possible so lets begin by sharing a little bit of what I'm doing.

1 - Whats hot? What are people waiting for to happen? You want to create videos about these hot topics before anyone else ever gets the chance too.
EX - For you gamers, I'm sure you are familiar with a game called Skyrim correct? Well, lets go back in time. You want to follow gamefaq,, ign, joystic, etc. The minute skyrim is mentioned on any of these sites, I guarantee you that any smart person is going to upload a video about skyrim. The first to do so is going to get those 1,000,000 views on youtube. Of course, you can't beat IGN's youtube channel, but there is a good chance of you getting ranked 2nd or 3rd.

Then its a matter of using to point to other content in your description. Its better to make a channel that you are comfortable or familiar with. If your not sure, its time to suck it up and learn what the world likes even if you aren't interested.

Here is another example. I'm sure everyone knows that Whitney Houston passed away right? Do you realize how many people jumped up and created dozens of Whitney Houston tribute videos? Imagine if you were the first one to upload a video. You do realize you would of had over a million views right? And if you used to point them to other content (maybe a download link, lyrics, or a news blog), you would of been rolling in the dough. I had a video up for whitney and unfortunantly I was a little too slow of hearing the news. I did in the end manage to get rank 5th or 6th for a keyword on youtube but that rank wasn't enough to get me enough clicks.

2 - Make sure you are uploading videos every day. Try your best to get a high rank on all of your videos. After a month, you might be able to see $100 a month quite easily.

3 - Use along with a CPA network. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to advertise so I'll just say google Maxbounty as their CPA is one of the best. If you find my info useful, I'd like you to use my cpa referral link. Just throw me a pm.

FACEBOOK & Twitter

The second largest site on the internet. Of course you want to use it. Unfortunately, I'm hearing things like facebook blocking for spam or something. Hopefully they don't do something stupid like that. If they do, ever last member here needs to mass flood facebook and protest against their block.

1 - Make a Fan page.
2 - link your facebook, youtube, and twitter accounts.
3 - Create unique content and useful content.
4 - when sharing of course always use your links
5 - Create a capture page for your fanpage. Remember that constantly getting subscribers is the most useful thing you can do. In fact, I might go as
far as saying email marketing, or gathering emails, and having subscribers is much better then any method you can think of. It just takes time.

BLOGGING & SEO (Search Engine Optimizatoin)

This is the number one method of course. Who doesn't use a search engine? DOES ANYONE IN THIS ROOM NOT USE A SEARCH ENGINE? DOES ANYONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO USE A COMPUTER NOT USE A SEARCH ENGINE?? NO ONE????? GOOD!!

1 - Before making a blog, think about what you want your blog to be about. After you decide, do your keyword research. Simply use the google keyword research by clicking HERE and find out exactly what people are searching for.
EX - Lets say you were going to get a dog. You know nothing about dogs. So you google "dog training." Did you know that 1,500,000 people search for "dog training" every month? Thats 50,000 visitors to your blog EVERY DAY. If you google dog training, whoever has the number 1 position for a dog training blog is making a ton of money right now. Thats what you want to aim for with your blog. You want to get Rank 1 on google.

2- How do you get rank one on google? RESEARCH!! Learn SEO. Google it. Spend a good year on practicing seo cause you are probably going to fail your first, 2nd, and possibly your 3rd time. OR, you can hire an seo expert. The idea to seo is getting quality backlinks and have unique content but I won't go over that here. It would take too long. I've been doing it for a year and a half and I'm just now getting the hang of it.

3 - Use CPA, google adsense, and affiliate links on your blog to make some income. DON'T GET YOUR ADWORS/ADSENSE BANNED! If you do, you will lose any money you may of had cause they won't give it to you.

4 - Don't over use on your blog. Too many ads showing up will get annoying and some people might just leave our site altogether.


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